Bonsai Vignettes

A decade of walking through the Mojave has made one lesson clear, not everything is meant to be taken in all at once. An accumulation of details, over time, tells a story best. The morning landmark locked in our mind’s eye at the beginning of a hike may cause consternation at the end of the day, having been grotesquely adapted by evening light.
Seeking our way in such vast open spaces calls us to relax into another way of observing.
These paintings have been built to resist the habits of our eyes. Like Bonsai vignettes, they describe natural details of the desert – willow blossoms, crows, Joshua Trees, poised in atmospheric gradations
elucidating time. Silhouettes burgeoning with moire patterns speak to the psychedelic penchant of desert experience. Colloidal suspensions of glitter and interference pigments layered in resin glimmer endlessly, setting the stage for the viewer’s meditation. Subtle variations of light activate shimmering potentials built into the surfaces of the paintings. By design, the paintings place the viewer in the pivotal role, to be present and notice the accumulation of details. In this act, the viewer unearths the most complete story – the paintings yield their obvious flatness and merge into the undulating echo, the endless depth experienced as being SEEN. Such is the call of the desert.